Snax club - gay party in Berlin.

Gay event in Berghayn and Laboratory.

SNAX CLUB Snax party (SNAX CLUB) - Berlin gay party held every year on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. On this day, two legendary Berlin clubs - Laboratory (Lab.Oratory) and Berghain are combined into one. Such party also takes place in late November called FC SNAX UNITED.

Snax considered to be one of the biggest gay party in Europe. That night in the common space of the largest in Europe Berlin gay club Laboratory and the largest German techno night club Berghayn gather thousands of gay mens from all over the world. Snax is a gay fetish party where merged together gay party and quality music in the style of techno.

Starting at 11 pm the party continues until noon of the next day. Snax held at four sites where famous musicians play, it is set of rooms and facilities for gay games, it's four floors full of fun and adventure and of course it is thousands of beautiful guys for every taste. The cost of an ordinary admission ticket is 28 euros, such tickets are sold right at the entrance to the club. You can also purchase an advanced ticket pre-sale, advanced tickets are sold only in Berlin - in the Laboratory club and in the stores BLACKSTYLE and LEATHERS.

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How to get to Snax?

Snax door open only for gays mans, for everyone else continues to work the Panorama Bar. For owners of advanced tickets club entrance is open in Laboratory (on the left side of the main entrance), the rest fall into the club through the main entrance and the entrance on the right is intended for visitors Panorama Bar. If you are not a happy owner of an advanced ticket, be prepared to stand in line at the entrance to the 2-3 hours, but the owner of the advanced tickets are not destined to avoid the queue, it will be just a few times shorter.

Snax is a gay music techno-fetish event with a strict dress code and if you do not comply with it, you deployed directly in front of the door. Face control strict checked at the entrance and it is required for your fetish clothing.

Acceptable fetish dress-code - sports, leather, latex, Jock Straps... Naked or underwear only is not accepted ... After the face-control and leaving extra clothes and belongings in the locker room (1.5 euros) you can fully indulge in entertainment around you. Advanced tickets owners pay for drinks from the bar after party at the exit, and others should pay on the bar. Here everything is possible, you can enjoy music, dance, watch the gay plays or join them ...

Snax leave you an unforgettable experience, someone this place will seem as gay paradise, but someone thinks its gay hell, no middle ground and no one will not remain indifferent. Snax is the place where you should definitely visit minimally once in your life. Photo and video shooting on this gay party is prohibited. The club is located in a former power station at - Am Wriezener Bahnhof 1, Berlin. .

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